Southwestern Colorado and the San Juan Mountains experienced a very snowy and wet winter in 2022-23. Abundant summer rains and the wet winter combined to produce a somewhat late, but spectacular fall display of color from the vast aspen forests. 
I visited many of my favorite sites, but also discovered new vistas (for me) in Beaver Park and other areas west of Wilson Peak. I never met an aspen I didn't like (unless they happened to snag my drone (a story for another time). All of these photos were taken from the the ground, however.​​​​​​​
Wilson Peak from Beaver Park
Dolores Peak (left) and Middle Peak (center) as seen from Woods Lake. Nancy and tried to hike around this lake, but discovered the trail only goes part way before it takes you to Little Cone Mountain. What fun anyway.
Western San Miguel County
Wilson Peak Mountain
Cirque Mountain (far left) and Mt. Sneffels from County Rd 7
Last Dollar Road. This road was made famous through the photography of John Fielder. Fielder passed away this year. He was one of my inspirations.. He left a large portion of work (4,000 images) to History Colorado for all to enjoy forever.
Sunshine Mountain (far left), Lizard Head (left center) and Wilson Peak (right center) from Last Dollar Road
(Left) Ulysses S. Grant Peak early snow. (Right) At the bottom of Ophir Pass.
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