We first experienced California's Central Coast when I attended a Canon photography workshop in Los Osos more than 16 years ago. Digital cameras were replacing film cameras and I was desperate to learn this new technology so we could stay in business serving our Ag West clients. 
That is Morrow Rock, Morrow Bay, and Los Osos in the distance in the upper left of the photo below. This spot is a favorite we visit each year if we can. It is the high point between Highway 101 and Pacific Coast Highway 1 that runs along the coast. We pass this view overlook on the way to Cambria, a small beach town that is always beautiful, nearly always cooler and windier than inland areas. The Big Sur highway begins north of Cambria although it will be closed for up to two years due to mud slides from their wet winter. Publisher William Hearst's famous San Simeon castle is just north of Cambia.
And yes, the hills are this green in the winter months most years.

Coastal fog drifting into Morrow Bay near Cambria, CA

Cambria sports a protected open space between two of its residential neighborhoods that is a favorite hike of ours. My sisters Marinan (middle) and Margaret (right) joined Nancy and me in California this year and hiked with us on a day trip to Cambria. As you can see, we are bundled up and it is windy, but still sunny and beautiful. 
Up the coast a few miles from Cambia is San Simeon State Beach and their historic pier where Nancy and Marg and Marinan braved the wind for these photos. Above Margaret's right should in the photo below you can barely see the white walls of Hearst Castle high on the ridge. The Hearst family heirs have placed thousands of private acres in permanent conservancy to protect it from development and for all to enjoy.

Panorama of 11 images stitched together overlooking the hills southwest of Cambia, CA.

On our way home in early May, we headed north to visit Redwoods State and National Park in northern California. To break up the long drive we spent one night in Cambria, our second visit to this area on this trip. Early morning waves and flowers are just outside our motel's door along Moonstone Beach Boardwalk.  
Gray, foggy mornings look best in black and white, I think.
Pride of Madeira cone flowers blooming along Moonstone Beach in Cambria.
Of course, if the fog is rolling into San Francisco Bay and over the Golden Gate Bridge, one has to stop in the Marin Headlands and take photos.
North of Eureka, CA is Trinity Bay. I could spend weeks here photographing the sea stacks and beach scenes in this lovely area. This year, however, we were just passing through on our way to the redwoods.
On our return to Colorado from the redwoods we pass through Redding, CA and it's Sundial Suspension Bridge over the Sacramento River. The bridge has a clear deck so sunlight passes through and does not stop migrating fish. It is one of our favorite "rest breaks" on our trip home. And it is really an accurate sundial with hours marked on the ground on the north side of the river.
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